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As an interior designer, I believe a well designed environment is all encompassing. It doesn't stop at the dining table.

What you put on it, how it makes you feel, and how you dress your table should enhance your dining experience.  Because you deserve it!


Whether you are eating a toasted cheese sandwich, or your favorite elaborate meal.  I believe you should make it special!


This capsule collection was designed and inspired by New York City, my birthplace. I am abundantly influenced by the architecture around me.  It is in my soul, deeply. 


A simple walk, becomes an architectural excursion.  The rhythm of the skyline sings and soothes.  This collection was birthed from one of those walks.


Majestic, Dakota and Beresford pay homage to the architectural details and high notes found, in some of the landmark structures along Central Park West.  

Thank you for visiting us, and supporting our capsule collection.  Summer 2021 Introducing the 'Octagon' plate!

Joy Moyler 'MONTECITO' DESIGN 2.jpg
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