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Majestic, Beresford and Dakota were designed to make eating, a dining pleasure.  An opportunity to sit and enjoy your food, to make every day, every meal special.  Why because you deserve it!  Each piece is adorned with a touch of Platinum. They move from a casual meal, to romantic meal with someone special.  Can you just imagine the wrinkling of that Platinum edge under candlelight? 

I have always loved tabletop. I love the idea of mixing and matching pieces on the table.  Black and White together creates such a strong visual graphic. I am always drawn to the drama of it.  The film noir mystery of how shapes play off of one another, sometimes intertwining, merely connecting, sometimes escaping each other. I hope you do too!

Thank you for visiting us, and supporting our capsule collection.  New designs are in development for early 2021 availability.

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